How to Design and Deliver a Charismatic, Life-Changing Sermon – audio

How to Design and Deliver a Charismatic, Life-Changing Sermon - audio


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Give Your Sermon Some Impact!

465 times in the Bible it says, “It came to pass.” It does not say, “It came to stay.” Unless your sermon is well constructed, artfully crafted, and charismatically delivered it will not come to STAY in the hearts, minds and   lives of your congregation. Now you can Learn from award-winning speaker and professional speech coach Patricia Fripp.

Pastors and ministers will learn how to:

  • Utilize the three   necessary elements of every effective homily
  • Create action through inspiring stories
  • Improve your delivery skills
  • Listen to compelling “before and after” demonstrations
  • Save time by learning to utilize the Fripp Presentation Organization Tool for every presentation and sermon
  • Why today’s audiences of 1   or 1000 are “different”
  • The two important ways to connect with any audience so they respond positively to your ideas
  • Discover the behaviors an audience won’t forgive
  • Discover the enemy of every business speaker and minister
  • Outline an effective homily and sermon in minutes
  • Work from an outline and look more spontaneous
  • Open with impact and close on a high
  • Make your sermons dynamic and memorable
  • Find your own stories and examples
  • Understand the Fripp I-You ratio formula to improve listener buy-in for your point of view
  • Be more effective in any speaking situation, formal or informal

“I enjoyed your ‘frippnotization’ of my preaching.  To those who are skeptical about miracles, your creative homiletical presentation at the SDA Convention should come as proof that they still happen.  I am not exaggerating when I say that you overcame tremendous odds to help us learn the most important duty of a Minister, ‘To feed the flock.’  There were those among us who said it couldn’t be done;  please forgive them.  You are to be commended for your outstanding work.  It is often said, ‘Prayer is the most important preparation for preaching.’  Your training, however, has been invaluable.  You have been a blessing in my ministry.  Please accept my sincere thanks and praise for a job well done.  May the Lord continue blessing your ministry.  You are God’s faithful servant.”

“You are amazing!”  I learned more about storytelling and sermon construction from one 3-hour session with you than I did in all of my homiletics courses in seminary.  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!”

                            – -Robert Waymack, D.Min.

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