How to Be a Winner – audio

How to Be a Winner - audio

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You know what it means to be a winner.  Now find out how to become one.

You have the potential. But you need that powerful lift that can vault you   over any obstacle: a winning attitude. Your talents and skills are inert without a winning self-image to activate them.

“Attitude is more important than aptitude,” asserts Ziglar as he leads you to think and feel like a winner.  Winners are not born – they’re made. You can train your mind and body for high performance by applying Zig’s formula to your everyday life.

As you gain a winning edge, you’ll be able to:

  • Find the positive in people and situations
  • Change bad habits
  • Set goals
  • Have more rewarding relationships

How to be A Winner is so motivational and inspirational that you’ll want to listen to it again and again.  This powerful program will revitalize you whenever you are down.

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