How to Be a Better Trainer – DVD

How to Be a Better Trainer - DVD

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Proven Techniques to Stimulate, Motivate and Teach Trainees

Training is the life-blood of any organization. As a business owner, trainer, or supervisor, how can you improve your training skills so that you have the best-trained team members possible?

This business training DVD program quickly brings you up to speed on the most effective training ideas and techniques, and shows you how to use what you’ll learn in your own organization.

In no time at all, you’ll be designing and conducting training that delivers impressive, measurable results — for your trainees, your organization and in your own career.

Disc 1 Topics:

  • Training is a easy as PIE: planning, implementation, and evaluation
  •  You’ll explore the 5 laws of learning: intensity, exercise, effect, primacy, and disuse
  •  Common mistakes trainers make and how to avoid them
  •  How to create specific training objectives
  •  Experience training from the learner’s point of view
  •  Curriculum design: research resources, design considerations, and signposting

Disc 2 Topics:

  • The 5 types of training: lecture, group discussion, reading materials, structured exercises, and demonstration
  •  Overcoming nervousness about presenting in front of a group
  •  Getting organized: logistics, snacks, room layout, name tags, etc.
  •  How to use your appearance to add credibility
  •  Stress reduction techniques

Disc 3 Topics:

  • Support materials – flip charts, handouts, slides, etc.
  •  Establishing rapport – setting the tone, icebreakers, first impressions
  •  Using questions – open, closed, and reflexive questions – to keep your audience responsive
  •  Problem participants – challenging personality types: WASPS, SLUGS, and TOADS (and how to deal with them)
  •  Evaluating your success: designing and implementing effective evaluation tools.
  •  How to recap, use Q&A sessions, and send them away feeling like they learned something
  •  On-the-job training: the advantages of OTJ training, what to watch out for, 5 phases of successful OTJ programs

With the skills and techniques you’ll develop in this must-have program, you, too, can be a better trainer. Learn to plan, prepare for, execute, and evaluate your training programs by implementing these proven ideas and methods into your training programs.

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