Hire and Keep the Best People – audio

Hire and Keep the Best People

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21 Practical and Proven Techniques You Can Use Immediately

Give Yourself The Competitive Edge in Selecting and Keeping Excellent People

The biggest requirement for success in any business is the ability to attract and retain excellent employees, yet most managers have never received any formal training in the process of personnel selection. And, if you’re like most managers, you probably don’t have time for a course on the subject anyway, because your needs for personnel know-how are pressing and immediate.

Hire and Keep the Best People details 21 of the most important, proven principles of employee recruitment and retention. It tells you everything you need to know to attract the most capable, committed employees and to make sure they continue to be active contributors to the company for years to come. Action exercises will help you apply the techniques immediately and see the results for yourself.

Hire and Keep the Best People is filled with proven, practical knowledge, offering effective steps you  can take today to find, select, hire, orient, train, and retain the best people for your business.

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