Help! I Have to Give a Speech – DVD

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2 DVD video + 3 audio CDs (3 hours) Free Preview Clip    




Help I Have to Give a Speech! …or Yippee! I’m Excited to Give a Speech

Are you looking for the best public speaking training? Do you have to overcome the fear of public speaking? Perhaps you just don’t know how… Whether you are a seasoned speaker, or this is your first experience, you can benefit from learning how to simplify and demystify the process of planning and delivering a great speech or sales presentation.

In this multi-dimensional learning program you can learn the best speech writing and speech delivery techniques. Then, learn how to add the best ideas from Hollywood, the theater, and copywriting.

If you’re an executive, you realize the higher up the corporate latter you go, the more important your presentation skills become. If you’re a professional speaker, you know how your audience and client’s expectations are increasing. If you are a sales professional, you need to be a clear, concise and persuasive communicator. You need the competitive edge you’ll receive from investing in the Patricia Fripp’s Speaking Skills learning program that we call, Help! I Have to Give a Speech Multi-Dimensional Learning System.

You’ve been chosen (or drafted) to deliver a speech. No time… Don’t panic… Fripp is here!!!

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE simplifies and demystifies the process of designing your presentation…fast! You will learn:

  • The one sentence you must clarify to start your speech
  •  An easy-to-adapt formula to design your presentation
  •  How to speak to be remembered and repeated
  •  The secrets to connecting with every audience
  •  What makes you and your presentation persuasive
  •  How to add the best ideas from Hollywood, the theater, and copywriting

Includes: 2 DVDs, 3 Audio CDs, and Valuable Bonus Articles and Diagrams. The presentation is divided into short segments or chapters, so you can watch the entire presentation, or review only the specific skills and techniques that you need to study.

This is a multi-dimensional learning system is patterned after Fripp’s 1-day speaking seminar and features 3 hours of personal video instruction, matching audio instruction to review in your car or portable player, and dozens of articles, diagrams, and supplemental materials. (To access bonus materials – put in computer, open folder, then double-click on PDF icons to open.)

Please note: the content of the DVDs and CDs is the same; this way you can watch the DVDs and reinforce the ideas with the CDs while you drive.

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