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Greatest Secret in the World

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In Og Mandino’s best-selling The Greatest Salesman in the World, you discovered the 10 Great Scrolls of Success. Millions have learned that it’s not just a book about selling, but one about life.  Now, in The Greatest Secret in the World, Og takes you by the hand to help you implement these life-changing principles into your life.

All he asks is that you commit to ten minutes a day for the next 45 weeks.  Can you really change your life for the better–improve your income, your outlook, your relationships, and your bank account–by investing just 10 minutes a day?  Yes, you can!  The book provides a “Success Recorder” to follow each day’s activities and keep you on track.

Throughout the process, Og Mandino is your personal mentor and coach.  He introduces each chapter with words of explanation, friendship and encouragement.

“As the first few weeks pass you will note a gradual change in both your attitude and your treatment of others, those you love and even casual acquaintances. You will begin hearing remarks like, “What’s come over you?

“When that begins to happen you’ll know the message of the scrolls and your daily success recorder review are beginning to work and your subconscious mind has been imprinted with new personality tracings that will disclose themselves time and time again in your future life.”

Take the challenge to unlock your world of personal happiness and extraordinary achievement!

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