Greatest Mystery in the World – book

The Greatest Mystery in the World

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Start today to transform your dreams into wonderful reality. . . .

Dear reader … you are now holding in your hands what can be your guide to a better life.  Use your imagination and think of this book and its message as if it were a unique ladder constructed in heaven, one which will take you high above the failure and futility you have endured in the past until you eventually reach a new plateau filled with joy and pride and success.

The advice and guidance contained on each rung of this special heavenly ladder is certain to assist and guide you to reach for the next rung, and the next, until you finally have the know-how and motivation to transform your life into all you have ever dreamed it could be …

At last … at long last … your life and your future are in your hands alone.  You now possess the power, the knowledge, and the means to make all your tomorrows a special and unique heaven on earth.

You deserve a better way of life.  At last your future is in your hands.  Live it well.

–a letter found among the effects of Og Mandino’s old friend Simon Potter

Simon Potter was a “ragpicker” and salvager of human lives. When this wise and humble man departed from life, he left author Og Mandino a precious legacy: the distilled wisdom of his unique collection of the greatest books about self-motivation and success–books he called “hand of God” books because they seemed to have been written with God’s hand guiding the author’s own.

In this tender and inspiring book, Og shares with his millions of readers his old friend’s bequest. It is nothing less than a blueprint for success, telling us in plain language exactly what we must do to mount the seven rungs of life’s ladder–from material achievement and worldly success to the highest spiritual development. Whatever your most cherished dream may be, Og and his good angel Simon will show you the way to bring it within reach.

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