Greatest Miracle in the World – book

Greatest Miracle in the World

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paperback (108 pages)




Og Mandino’s Most Inspirational Story

Simon Potter is a self-proclaimed “ragpicker,” one who searches out the waste materials of the human kind, people who have been discarded by others, or even themselves, people who still have great potential but who have lost their self esteem and their desire for a better life.  He tries to change their live and give the a new sense of hope using principles he has distilled from studying great volumes he calls “hand of God” books.

A “chance” meeting with Og Mandino evolves into a friendship.  They discuss philosophy, ethics, success, and hope.  Teaching, listening and encouraging, Simon becomes a friend and mentor to Og–but is there more to Simon than meets the eye?

In The Greatest Miracle in the World, a great inspirational writer tells his greatest story–an amazing narrative revealing exciting new secrets for your personal happiness and success.  It features “The God Memorandum”—a message of hope and inspiration that can change your life.  This book is sure to bring you up when you are feeling down.

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Jack Minshew December 11, 2012

A great book. I have read the book once and the God Memorandum 3 times. I will continue to read the God Memorandum daily. I recommend this book to everyone.


Karen Lambert November 16, 2012

Og Mandino….BEST inspirational story teller of all times. To me his best book is The Greatest Miracle….read more than once.


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