Goal Setting Techniques That Work – DVD

Goal Setting Techniques That Work - DVD

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How to Create a Five-Year Action Plan For Your Life

Effective goal setting is one of the most important habits you can develop. It is the core skill for achieving success in your relationships, your health, and your profession. So why is it that many of us never get around to doing it?

In this fast-paced, entertaining session, Warren Greshes presents a proven system that takes the guesswork out of goal setting. He will show you how to set your goals correctly, and then actually lead you through the process of starting your five year plan. If you know you need to get clear about your future, but haven’t yet clarified your vision, this program will give you the tools and motivation you need to get started now.

Warren Greshes started as a salesman in New York City’s Garment District, and quickly became a National Sales Manager at the age of twenty-four. By twenty-seven, he was running the entire company. In 1984 Warren moved on to become head of Sales & Marketing for a New York City consulting firm and in two years tripled the company’s sales. In 1986, Warren started his own company, and since then has traveled the world delivering keynote speeches and sales training seminars to corporations and associations both large and small. Having been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, Warren Greshes is one of America’s most talented seminar leaders and motivators.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn:

  • The most important reasons to write your goals down
  •  How to stay motivated, day after day, to reach your really big goals
  •  Simple and powerful tools to create your 5-year plan
  •  How to stay positively focused on your target
  •  To expand your vision of what’s possible and what’s realistic
  •  And more…

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