Go For No! – DVD

Go For No! - DVD

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The Ultimate Strategy for Failing Your Way to Success

Everyone loves the sound of the word YES… it’s so positive, so empowering. And then there’s “NO!” For most people, NO is just the opposite… negative, draining, the antithesis of YES. But what if that could change? What if you could achieve every quota, hit every income goal, and reach every personal dream, simply by changing the way you think, feel, and respond to hearing the word NO? In this practical and insightful seminar, you’ll learn exactly how to re-shift your thinking to start enjoying and embracing rejection. You’ll discover startling statistics and see real world examples that prove you’re leaving money on the table. Richard Fenton shows you exactly what to do, and most importantly how to think, in order to immediately increase sales and boost your results in many areas of your life.

Richard Fenton spent the greater part of his sales and management career with an enormous fear of failure and rejection. Starting out as an account executive in the fleet sales department for the largest Chevrolet dealer in the United States, and then moving into retail clothing sales, Richard learned to sell from a true master. Since then, Richard has held key positions in training & development at several of America’s most respected retail organizations, including Hart, Schaffner & Marx, LensCrafters, and Macy’s. With writing and speaking being two of Richard’s major goals, he started his own speaking and training company, and went on to write the best-selling book Go for No! He now travels the world with his wife and business partner, Andrea, teaching others to tap more of their sales potential.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Reprogram how you feel about failure and rejection
  •  Build your courage and overcome fears
  •  Eliminate sales and performance slumps
  •  Identify self-imposed limitations that hold you back
  •  Turn your greatest obstacle into your greatest asset

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