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Speaking Strategies That Will Take Your Speech from Simple to Scintillatingly Superb!

  • Do you want to learn advanced presentation skills?
  • Can you benefit from the latest presentation tips?
  • Do you dream of becoming a professional public speaker or professional motivational speaker?
  • Can you benefit from presentation coaching?

Award-winning speaker and in-demand speech coach Patricia Fripp is in fine form in this 90 minute action-packed session before 150 professional speakers. You will hear her best advice after 25 years of studying how to have impact on the platform. You benefit from listening in on the mini-coaching sessions.

Here are the 10 Little Known Techniques to Transform Your Speech

  1. Start… don’t waffle… get to the point
  2. Stand still… don’t distract with unnecessary movement
  3. Structure… the skeleton under the flesh of your words
  4. Stop… close on a high
  5. Stories… situation, solution, success; character, dialogue, dramatic lesson learned
  6. Sound bite statements
  7. Silence… the pause for reflection
  8. Shorter sentences… to be remembered and repeated
  9. Stepping on your punch word is a “no-no”
  10. Specificity… don’t “Stuff”
  11. Showbiz… what we learn from Hollywood movies

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