Embrace the Struggle – audio

Embrace the Struggle - audio

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One of the leading stars in the “positive thinking” movement, Zig Ziglar has made a career out of telling people how to have a   positive attitude, no matter what their circumstances are.

But, Zig Ziglar’s life changed drastically in just minutes when he suffered a traumatic fall down the stairs one fateful night and he was suddenly transferred from a highly successful career in motivational speaking to a daily struggle overcoming the effects of a head injury. After years of speaking and writing about the value of having a positive attitude and being thankful, Zig was obliged to put his own words into practice.

Zig Ziglar is joined by family and friends in this special audio production of his most personal, inspiring program yet. His   willingness to be transparent has him back writing and speaking with renewed energy before audiences in the tens of thousands to show that life on life’s terms is still well worth living.

Embrace the Struggle affirms the validity of the principles Ziglar has held true his entire life and includes not only his account of living positively through difficult circumstances; it also includes heartwarming stories of real people who encouraged him with how they put into practice these vital principles.

In true Ziglar style, filled with optimism and honesty Zig shares his experience, along with heartening stories from friends, seeking to encourage and remind you that life is worth living, even if it’s not on our own terms.

“My personal struggle is health related, but this book deals with not only struggles that physical limitations create but also financial, spiritual, family and relationship struggles. This book is about living life on life’s terms. It is about knowing what you can change and what you can’t change and learning how to live your life with an enthusiastic expectation for what is yet to come. Where there is a struggle, there is life. For that we can be grateful!” — Zig Ziglar


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