Developing the Qualities of Success – audio

Developing the Qualities of Success - audio

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Zig shares the common qualities of all successful people, how to develop these qualities, and how they can impact your life.

This seminar will give you hope with believability based on fact, reason, planning, effort and preparation. Master motivator, Zig Ziglar, will teach you the three stages of becoming a winner—planning to win, preparing to win, and expecting to win.

Zig explains how and why motivation works. He explains the power and importance of words we use, not only self-talk but what we say to others. With the right foundation of principles, a healthy self-image and specific direction, things can really begin to happen in your life.

Zig thoroughly discussed the qualities of success, what they are, who has them, how they affect you and how they affect the world around you. You’ll gain a new understanding of who you are and how to acquire all of the qualities of successful people.

You’ll learn:

  • How to plan, prepare for and expect total success in everything you do
  • To identify the qualities and develop the attitudes to achieve balanced success in your life.
  • How 20 minutes a day can change your life
  • Concrete things you can do build employment security
  • How to see the potential in people and treat them accordingly
  • The difference between motivation and manipulation
  • To have a winning attitude

He also discusses the importance of relationship building, the power of hope, and the impact of a positive attitude. You’ll learn how to consistently have a winning attitude through a specific formula for success. Each step of the formula is thoroughly explained and tied to meaningful examples which will live in your mind as you begin the exciting process of developing the qualities of success.

Developing the Qualities of Success is Volume I of the How to Stay Motivated series, which is available as a set on audio CD.

Download the sessions one at a time

Developing the Qualities of Success:

Session 1 – Planning Preparing Expecting to Win  $9.87

Session 2 – Taking the First Step  $9.87

Session 3 – Motivation: Key to Accomplishment  $9.87

Session 4 – Identifying the Qualities of Success  $9.87

Session 5 – Developing the Qualities of Success  $9.87

Session 6 – Maintaining a Winning Attitude  $9.87

Session 7 – Maintaining a Winning Attitude II $9.87

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