Creativity & Innovation – DVD

Creativity & Innovation - DVD

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Four Steps to Breakthrough Thinking

Innovate Today or Be Dead in the Water Tomorrow.  In a world that’s changing as fast as ours, innovators and problem-solvers rise to the top. They’re sought out . . . given the toughest challenges . . . and recognized for their solutions. And when they succeed, everyone wins: the innovators, their co-workers and their organization, too.

How good are you at coming up with bright ideas and breakthrough thinking? More important, how do you get better at it?

With this program, you’ll learn how to put yourself in a creative mode any time, any place. You’ll gain mental exercises that help you “think divergently,” so you break free from ruts and routines. You’ll discover the best ways to capitalize on your “moments of inspiration.” Plus, you’ll learn how to maintain your momentum — and get yourself going again when the well runs dry.

Truth is, creativity and innovation skills have never been as crucial as they are now. And the good news is, if you can generate new ideas and make them happen on a regular basis, you’ll thrive in today’s workplace. Watching this motivating video program is a great way to get yourself going.

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