Creative Manager – DVD

The Creative Manager

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1 DVD, 2 CDs, PDF workbooks




21 ways to stimulate creativity, solve problems, uncover opportunities, achieve goals, and move ahead rapidly in your career.

With the complexity of today’s internal and external business environments, it is important for you to be able to deal with various problems and challenges as they arise. A fresh perspective and a creative viewpoint will give you the ability to solve problems much easier.

Different problems and challenges call for different solutions. Therefore to be an effective manager you must always maintain a fresh perspective.

The Creative Manager will teach you:

  • To become an adept problem solver
  • How to innovate by using creative-thinking techniques
  • What geniuses do, and how you can do it, too
  • Two types of thinking
  • New profit-making ideas and how to generate them
  • Sources of innovation
  • Techniques for evaluating ideas
  • Lateral thinking for creative breakthroughs

Your company may not have all the money in the world, but you can still have the best training in the world. With the rate of business failures today, it’s important to start out with an effective business strategy. Brian Tracy will teach you all of the various components of an effective business strategy. Learn the same strategies that all successful business are built on.

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