Creating a Culture of Excellence – DVD

Creating a Culture of Excellence - DVD


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1 DVD video (85 min) - Nov 2012 Free Preview Clip    


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How to Partner With Customers,
Engage Your Team,
and Realize Your Vision

Building a successful business goes far beyond providing good products and services. Great companies create cultures that attract the right employees and create buy-in to the bigger vision. In this dynamic program loaded with powerful stories and examples, expert speaker Randy Pennington guides you through the fundamentals that lead to long-term growth and bottom-line results.

You’ll learn how to differentiate your business from the competition, guide people through change, build greater trust, strengthen employee and customer relationships, and create true accountability in your organization. In a world where competition is constantly trying to steal away your customers, your best defense is creating a culture of excellence.  Download Note Guide

Discover how you can:

  • Build a culture where team members buy-in to your vision
  • Create a clear distinction between you and competitors
  • Effectively guide people through change and uncertainty
  • Learn key factors for building trust and relationships
  • Develop strategies for creating greater accountability

Randy Pennington is a businessperformance veteran, bestselling author, and an expert in helping organizations build a culture focused on results.  Discover why organizations and individuals turn to Randy Pennington when they’re looking for long-term positive results.

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