Color Code – audio

Color Code - audio

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What Color is Your Personality?

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Everyone has a distinct personality pattern. Your personality includes specific ways of thinking, reasoning, feeling, and acting. Each person is born with a single core motive that remains stable throughout life. While your core motive never changes, you can use the insights you’ll learn from The Color Code to overcome your natural limitations and develop strengths outside your innate personality.  Why colors? Just as no color is no better than another, no personality is better or worse than any other–they are just different.

While the idea of four distinct personalities is not new, most personality profiles focus solely on behaviors, because they are observable and easy to document.  Dr. Taylor Hartman discovered the revolutionary idea that each personality is driven by a motive. Knowing the core motivation behind behaviors is far more significant in assessing and understanding the person because it explains why people do what they do, not just what they do.


The Color Code (also published as The People Code) is unique because it explains personalities in terms of people’s motives for action and offers you critical insights into the reasons why you behave, think, feel, and respond as you do.

This audio seminar program contains six segments featuring Dr. Taylor Hartman:

  1. An overview of The Color Code recorded before a live seminar audience
  2. Focus session on the RED personality
  3. Focus session on the BLUE personality
  4. Focus session on the WHITE personality and the needs of different personality types
  5. Focus session on the YELLOW personality and questions about The Color Code
  6. A live seminar presentation of The Character Code where Dr. Hartman teaches how to overcome your natural limitations in order to become a more charactered individual.

This entertaining and informative seminar will forever change how you look at relationships, communication, and personal development.  You’ll gain valuable insights that will help you to deal effectively with different personalities and improve yourself at the same time.

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