Breaking the Success Barrier – audio

Breaking the Success Barrier

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The world is changing faster than ever before. And with change comes great opportunities for financial and personal advancement. Unfortunately, many people fear new ideas and trends, believing they will have to work harder and learn more to keep up with the times.

Nothing can be farther from the truth!

Everyone has their own ideas about the ‘success barrier.’ But whether it’s money, self-deceit, or lack of motivation, the success barrier is not something outside of us. In fact, it’s something we purposely create to hold us back from experiencing true accomplishment.
Today’s most successful people realize the value of becoming unstoppable. They consistently strive to master the strategic thinking skills that can get you on the fast track to unlimited success and lifelong satisfaction. By mastering these easy-to-learn life principles, you will actually make your life easier, cut your work load in half, and dramatically increase your energy and stamina.

Breaking the Success Barrier will help you:

  • Discover the success traits of today’s top leaders
  • Concentrate on your most important goals
  • Upgrade your knowledge to excel in your field
  • Determine your core talents
  • Hone your competitive edge
  • Build a financial fortress for long-term security that’s guaranteed
  • Strengthen your character and resilience
  • Pass every major life test with flying colors
  • Determine the clearest solutions to life’s toughest challenges
  • Unleash the power of your creative force
  • Navigate the waves of change with bravery and precision

Best-selling author and internationally renowned learning expert Brian Tracy has formulated a new program titled Breaking the Success Barrier: Using Strategic Thinking Skills to Accelerate Your Goals. This program teaches you how to identify your own special abilities, tap your invaluable mental resources, and free yourself from the imaginary chains of fear, doubt, and negativity. Once you break through the success barrier once and for all, you’ll wonder what was stopping you to begin with.

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