Beyond Excellence – DVD

Beyond Excellence

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How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys

This fast-paced program is filled with advice on how to become an extraordinary person in business, and in life. Using real world examples, dozens of interesting slides, and powerful true stories, Robert Stevenson delivers a high-energy program that can help anyone to achieve higher levels of excellence. He covers a broad spectrum of ideas, including leadership, accountability, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, the power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, balance, and much more.

Whether you are just starting out in business, or a seasoned professional, these ideas will remind you of all the things you need to do when you are committed to soaring above and beyond excellence.

Robert Stevenson is a highly sought-after professional speaker who has delivered more than 2000 presentations around the world. In addition to being a former All-American athlete and graduate of Georgia Tech, Robert has been a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and sales professional, maintaining hundreds of accounts in over 20 countries. Today, Robert travels around the world, sharing powerful ideas for achieving excellence, both personally and professionally. His client list reads like the Who’s Who in business. Companies like Prudential, FedEx, Radio Shack, HBO, American Express, Time Warner and Citi Group have all invited Robert Stevenson to help motivate, inspire and educate their people. Now it’s your turn! Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll find dynamic tools to help with:

  • Committing to personal excellence
  • Criticizing the right way to build people up
  • Taking full responsibility for your mistakes
  • Staying focused on current, not past performance
  • How to avoid doing the things turkeys do
  • And more…

Full length mp3 audio version, plus note guide, included on this DVD video.

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