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The Awakened Life


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In The Awakened Life, Dr. Wayne Dyer explains a new, harmonious way of life — an awakened life — encompassing a higher sense of awareness with higher principles. It’s a life that will ensure a happier, more joyous, more fulfilling existence, yet still provide success in a materialistic world. Here is the key to such harmony, high performance, achievement, and success.

A message of hope from Wayne Dyer:

My message of hope comes in the form of several questions. Your answers will describe where you are in the evolution toward a higher form of living, one that I call “The Awakened Life.”

Have you learned that your humanity lies beyond the boundaries of the body? Do you recognize that within all form is an invisible intelligence? Can you see yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience, rather than a human being who may be having a spiritual experience?

Do you live with the awareness that each human being is a “me that is we?” Are you living the belief that each human being on our planet is interconnected, and that the total being called human being cannot junction harmoniously when the components are in conflict?

Do you see that what you think about expands? We are just beginning to recognize the importance of thought as the most powerful force in the universe. You have the ability to turn any thought into form. Your life is what your thoughts create.

Are you awakening to the understanding that you see what you believe, rather than you believe what you see? Is this belief system leading to the development of a higher human being?

If the answers to these questions are “Yes,” then indeed you are evolving toward and living the Awakened Life.

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