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5 easy steps for creating wealth

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5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (Or Anything Else) From the Inside Out

Do you work hard, do everything right, and yet rarely achieve the results you had hoped for? As you struggle to make ends meet, do you sometimes wish you could be one of those lucky people who seem to smile their way through life and have success handed to them? Actually, you can.

Success of any kind doesn’t depend on what you’re doing, it depends on what you’re being!  Internet marketing pioneer, Joe Vitale combines time-honored practices of spiritual self-discovery with proven marketing principles into an extraordinary how-to manual for happy living both in and out of business.  With quiet humor and tender encouragement, Vitale shows you how easy it is to let yourself love, heal, prosper, and grow.

After sharing his own quest for wealth and success, as well as stories from people he has guided to inner piece and out affluence, Vitale helps you determine your Prosperity IQ, and then leads you gently through the 5 simple steps that will make all your aspirations a reality.

  • Step One: The Springboard
  • Step Two: Dare Something Worthy
  • Step Three: The Missing Secret
  • Step Four: Nevillize Your Goal
  • Step Five: The Ultimate Secret

Joe shows you how to find the springboard that will help you rise above the negativity that surrounds you and lift yourself into the realm of miracles. You’ll learn how to dare something worthy and how to seek and uncover the missing secret to your own personal happiness. And you’ll discover how to look at your life goals, and those of others, in a new, positive, and energizing way.

When you reach step five, you’ll be ready to receive and understand The Ultimate Secret—the state of being in which the universe quickly brings you together with the things that you desire most.

Whether you yearn for wealth, love, prestige, great accomplishments or all of the above, they are already yours, and they always have been.  They are your birthright.  listen to The Attractor Factor and reunite yourself with your legacy.


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