Astounding Customer Service – DVD

Astounding Customer Service - DVD

Originally: $150.00

1 DVD video (141 min) - 2005 Free Preview Clip    




Service, Listening, and Telephone Skills to Create & Keep Customers

The cost of training your employees to deliver Astounding Customer Service never exceeds the cost of losing a customer!

Can you afford to lose your customers? Of course not, but you may be doing so anyway, if your company’s customer service standards are not high enough for your customers. Luckily, employees in all areas of your business can easily and quickly increase their customer service skills – anyone from secretaries to managers to the CEO him/herself! Why not invest in my proven system today, and help your employees learn skills that will secure committed and active customers for your business? How can you afford not to?

Customer Service Topics Include:

  • Customer Service in America is Broken
  •  What’s Your Customer Worth?
  •  Customer Service Demands Commitment, Communication, and Conflict Resolution
  •  Exceeding Customer Expectations
  •  The 3 R’s of Customer Service
  •  How to Deliver Astounding Customer Service
  •  Graduate from One-Shot Sales to Lifetime Customers
  •  Improve Your Customer Service Language

Listening Skills Topics Include:

  • The High Cost of Ineffective Listening
  •  The Benefits of Active Listening
  •  The CARESS Model

Telephone Skills Topics Include:

  • Sixteen Critical Strategies
  •  Handling Irate Callers
  •  Twelve Ideas Customers Love

Includes eight chapters (segments) on Customer Service (approx. 80 minutes) PLUS three chapters on Listening Skills (approx. 36 minutes) PLUS two chapters on Telephone Skills (approx. 25 minutes), includes PDF Workbook for each category.

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