Acing the Interview – audio

Acing the Interview - audio

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Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job

Most people walk into interviews without any preparation at all.  Unfortunately, in today’s competitive environment, the “wing it” strategy just doesn’t cut it.  Employers are armed with questions designed to probe, weed out, and challenge even the best of interviewers.  Tough or unexpected questions can be thrown your way at any point in the interview process.  You need to be prepared to answer these questions appropriately.  You’ll also want to be ready with articulate questions of your own.

Tony Beshara has worked with both job candidates and employers for more than 30 years.  Has personally placed over 7,000 people in new careers, has interviewed over 22,000 individuals, and interacted with 25,000 hiring authorities.  In the process, Tony has experienced just about every conceivable question and heard almost every answer to questions used in the interviewing process.  In this recording, he shares his most reliable answers to these questions, the answers that will get you hired.

Throughout the program, Tony deals with over 450 specific questions and how to most effectively answer them–so you’ll be ready for anything.  He also arms you with great questions to ask in the interview.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid the crucial mistake that immediately eliminates you for consideration
  • Make people like you right away
  • Research potential employers so that you can make a big impact
  • Discover your unique features, advantages, and benefits
  • Find new sources for unpublished jobs
  • Use 3 specific scripts that cover almost any situation
  • Reassure potential employers that you have the traits they need
  • Rehearse and tell short, effective stories for maximum impact
  • Use a coach to help you practice
  • Negotiate the salary you want
  • Demonstrate your abilities without showing off
  • and more

Imagine walking into every interview with the confidence in knowing you know exactly what to say in every situation and get the job you’re dreaming about.  Now, you can with Acing the Interview.

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