10 Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives – book

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For every woman who wants to know what her man is thinking, internationally syndicated radio host, columnist, and psycho-therapist Dr. Laura offers ten vital, compelling chapters. She advises men to avoid getting involved with the wrong woman, immature matrimony and parenting, infidelity, boyishness, and more. Much of the book has been created from letters written by listeners of her show. These personal anecdotes are used to illustrate points and provide examples.

The Ten Stupid Things are:

  1. Stupid Chivalry – getting involved with the wrong woman (weak, flaky, damaged, needy, desperate, stupid, untrustworthy, immature, etc.) and thinking you think that your love will save/transform her.
  2. Stupid Independence – Unwilling to admit “need” for bonding and intimacy.
  3. Stupid Ambition – Unable to comfortably and proudly accept your inherent importance to society and family as husband and father.
  4. Stupid Strength – Uncomfortable with feeling weak, vulnerable, useless, powerless, or rejected.
  5. Stupid Sex – Taking an attraction, opportunity, or arousal as a “sign,” you measure your masculinity and power by infidelities.
  6. Stupid Matrimony – Lacking a mature sense of the purpose, meaning, or value of marriage, you realize too late you’ve gone down the aisle with the wrong woman for the wrong reasons and feel helpless to “fix it.”
  7. Stupid Husbanding – Thinking that marriage is the honorable discharge from loving courtship, you continue to live as though you were single.
  8. Stupid Parenting – Believing that only women/mothers nurture children, you withdraw from hands-on parenting.
  9. Stupid Boyishness – Having not yet worked out a comfortable emotional and social understanding with your mother, you form relationships with women that become geared to avenge, resolve, or protect you from your ties to Mommy.
  10. Stupid Machismo  – Misunderstanding the true and meaningful difference between being male and a man.


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