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Yoga Meditations brings together three respected yoga masters from top schools around the world.  Background music provides a relaxing meditative experience as you practice the techniques.

CD 1: Energy Awareness Guided Meditations

Sudhir Jonathan Foust, President of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the largest yoga center in North America, helps you tune into the eternal life force that flows throughout your body.  You will feel energized, self aware, calm, and spontaneously joyful.

Yoga teaches that there is an intelligent life force called “prana,” which guides the functioning of body and mind.  Meditation on energy attunes you to the presence and flow of this life force.  Prana is an intelligent and evolutionary energy and when it flows freely, healing and growth are the natural result.  Meditation is a state of deep inner absorption that can occur either in the flow of Yoga postures or in physical stillness.

CD 2: Guided Meditations for Inner Freedom

Swami Srinivasananda has served as the Acharya, or senior teacher, for the New York, Chicago, and the Sivananda centers of the Eastern region of the US since 1994 and is American editor of Yoga Life magazine.  Under his guidance, you’ll discover a state of stillness beyond the activity of your mind, bringing exceptional inner peace and freedom.

Meditation is the doorway to intuition, a personal connection with Divine power, wisdom, glory, and bliss.  The meditative state transcends all physical constraints, creating a sense of freedom that cannot be achieved any other way.  Meditation goes beyond emotion; beyond intellect.  Meditation offers to everyone who is willing to make a firm commitment to practice, the road to truth and inner freedom.

CD 3: Life Enhancing Guided Meditations

Yogiraj Alan Finger is a second generation yoga master who  founded Yoga Zone in 1990, and Be Yoga In 2001. Daily meditation techniques handed down from generations before have been adapted to suit our times.  Breathing techniques balance left and right brain activity creating sprofound sense of balance.  Once this is achieved, you can move deeper to a sense of unconditional love, joy, and the feeling of being eternal.  You’ll focus on the subtle energy centers of the body and release emotional patterns that have haunted you.


Practice a guided meditation from this series daily for improved energy, balance, peace, insight, and personal freedom.


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