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Resilience HPP

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The Power to Bounce Back

How do you get your body, mind and spirit to bounce back? How do you set the right pace so that you don’t get burned out in the first place? Now, you can live a healthy life … by tapping the power of your unconscious mind.

Resillience is a cutting-edge audio program that uses the hypnotic storytelling technique, Hypno-Peripheral Processing, combined with Hypno-Meditation to unlock the power of your unconscious mind.  Clinically developed, Resilience places you into a deeply relaxed state, ideal for the absorption of positive suggestions.  You will find yourself relaxed, energized, and centered–ready to tackle all of life’s challenges.

The Resilience HPP program contains 4 modules with the following titles:

  1. Creating the Map
  2. Controlling Negative Emotions
  3. Taking Responsible Risks
  4. Managing Your Life

Dr. Lloyd’s Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP technology programs your unconscious mind to develop the necessary skills to cope with life’s ups and downs. Resilience helps you organize your thoughts, feelings and actions.  This program also contains Hypno-Meditation, a second hypnotic technology that bolsters and supports you conscious mind’s decision making capabilities and coping skills.

This program does all the work for you. There are no journals to keep or tasks to do. Just sit back, put on the headphones and listen to the multiple hypnotic format. The changes you experience will be spontaneous and fluid as you seamlessly integrate these new healthy patterns into your life. Inner obstacles and bad habits will disappear, allowing your true potential to emerge.

Give yourself the tools and techniques to make it to the finish line every day with Resilience.

Running Time: 3 hr 40 min  –  Stereo Headphones Required

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