Money Wealth and Prosperity HPP – audio

Money Wealth and Prosperity HPP - audio

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Have you subconsciously been sabotaging your own success?

Is your subconscious mind waging war on the very things that you desire? Now you can re-program your mind for success

The mind is like a computer that always acts in the way it was programmed. Unfortunately, from a young age, our mind has been programmed for failure. How many times as a child were you told, “no” or “you can’t do that!”

I’m not saying that parents, teachers, and friends were trying to destroy our future. On the contrary, they had your best interest at heart. But the result of these negative messages has taken it’s toll on your ability to succeed. When we get close, the mental message is, “you can’t do that.”

Can you tap into the power of your subconscious mind and re-program it for success? Yes, you can! Here’s how…

Re-Program Your Mind for Success

Dr. Lloyd Glauberman has spent the last 30 years helping people develop the emotional tools to achieve their goals in life. Using a form of hypnosis known as Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP), Glauberman has helped people gain access to the incredible untapped power of their subconscious mind.

Unlike other methods of self-improvement, this clinically developed method for harnessing your mind’s power is easy to use and very effective. All you need is an MP3 player (iPod, iPhone, etc.), some headphones, and 30 minutes of time to sit down, listen to your program, and relax…

HPP audio programs combine relaxing music and two separate stories into a pattern of suggestions that gently overloads your conscious mind and accesses the “hypnogogic” state – a state in which your mind is most open to suggestion.

The Money Wealth & Prosperity HPP program gently reprograms your subconscious to embrace success . . . even attract it into your life. It removes the mental blocks that have been sabotaging your success. Rather than seeking for them in vain, imagine opportunities and ideas coming to you almost effortlessly, followed by boundless energy to take action.

The Money Wealth & Prosperity program contains 6 modules with the following titles:

  1. Setting Goals
  2.  Generating New Beliefs I
  3.  Generating New Beliefs II
  4.  Avoiding Self-Sabotage
  5.  Unleashing Personal Power
  6.  Self-Mastery

Running Time: 3 hours  –  Stereo Headphones Required

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