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Meditative Relaxation HPP

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Meditative Relaxation HPP is part of The Edge of the Metaphor series, which focuses on the core areas of our lives- Body, Mind, Spirit, and Relationships- and is structured around renewal and balance.

Utilizing Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method, this program gives you the ability to more intuitively remain balanced and focused.  You can expect a more positive overall state of mind allowing you to fully participate in all areas of your life. You will also find yourself more relaxed and stress-free, able to control negative emotional states.

The Meditative Relaxation HPP program contains 2 modules with the following titles:

  • CD1 Track1 – Relax Effortlessly
  • CD1 Track2 – Manage Stress & Control Negative Emotions

At any moment in time we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of our life and have the next chapter in our own personal story be better, brighter, and more productive. Meditative Relaxation will help make that happen for you.

Running Time: 1 hour  –  Stereo Headphones Required

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