HPP Series Superpack – audio

HPP Series Superpack

Originally: $690.00

17 HPP audio CD Titles


$210 off

17 HPP MP3 Download Titles


$271 off

This money-saving collection contains all 17 of Dr. Glauberman’s most popular HPP audio programs:

  • Quest for Excellence
  • Changing Emotions
  • Procrastination
  • Money, Wealth and Prosperity
  • Tick-Tock
  • Sales Mastery
  • Creating A Presence
  • Resilience
  • Personal Ecology
  • Feeling Better
  • Inside / Outside
  • Meditative Relaxation
  • Peak Experience
  • Personal Power
  • Hidden Wisdom
  • Rekindling the Flame
  • Soul Mates

Dr. Glauberman utilizes Hypno-Peripheral Processing, or HPP, a dynamic technology that puts the tremendous and largely untapped power of your subconscious mind into your hands.

Stereo Headphones Required

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Roger Williams October 26, 2013

I’ve used Dr. Glauberman’s cassette tapes on changing emotions, building self esteem, alleviating anxiety, and pursuing excellence back in the late 80’s early 90’s to help me get through my divorce .I had a hard case of possession and realized that it takes two to make a marriage and two to break it. By building my self-esteem, I was able to realize what I needed to do and move on with my life. I still use the tapes periodically just for reassurance. I know that they work and appreciate what Dr. Glauberman has accomplished in his research to be able to help me and others with such problems. I’m now purchasing others of his works to improve myself even further.
Thanks Dr. Glauberman for all your research and development of your products.


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