How to Build your Child’s Self-Esteem – audio

How to Build your Child's Self-Esteem

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You want your children strong and confident, especially in the face of life’s adversities. You want them to feel a sense of responsibility-a desire to do the right thing without having to be told what to do. Denis Waitley can help you and your children achieve the goals of self-confidence and self-esteem. He clearly describes the many telltale signs of low self-esteem so you’ll more quickly know when children are depressed or overly critical of themselves. You’ll not only recognize the warning signs, but also know exactly how to counteract the situation.

Denis Waitley has always had a soft spot in his heart for youngsters.  You can hear it in his voice.  If you could see him, you’d sense it in his smile.  And the twinkle in his eye would be the dead giveaway.  Whenever Denis Waitley discusses kids, you know he loves his subject matter.

More often than not, he brings the viewpoint of youth to the forefront and forces parents to see things in a new light.  Kids love him for this.  And when he sounds the call for youngsters to avoid some of the pitfalls along the path of growing up, they know he’s only looking out for their best interests.

Denis Waitley continues to live the life of an innovator, constantly bringing new ideas and information to his audiences.  He remain one of today’s most sought-after speakers, and has appeared in every English-speaking country in the world.

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