Feeling Better: Mind / Body HPP – audio

Feeling Better: Mind / Body HPP

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Balancing the Mind / Body Connection

Research has shown that our thoughts and emotions play an important role, not only in the way we feel, but whether we are healthy or sick.

Feeling Better: Mind/Body Connections stimulates the neurological and biochemical pathways – the inherent wisdom that is contained in mind/bodies – that can improve health and well-being. Coupled with the profound sense of relaxation generated by the HPP technology, this program focuses on keeping you stress free, healthy and vibrant.

In addition, building a positive belief system about yourself, developing effective lifestyle management skills and tapping into your personal power are components of the Feeling Better/ Mind Body Connections program.

The Feeling Better: Mind / Body HPP program contains 4 modules with the following titles:

  • CD1 Track1 – Boosting the Immune System
  • CD1 Track2 – Healing & Deep Relaxation
  • CD2 Track1 – Taking Charge of Your Life
  • CD2 Track2 – Staying Healthy

If you have been struggling to improve your health or are looking to remain in a state of well-being, this is a “must have” program for you.

Running Time: 2 hours  –  Stereo Headphones Required

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