Willie Factor – DVD

Willie Factor - DVD

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1 DVD video (95 min) - Dec 2007 Free Preview Clip    


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How to Be Extraordinary in
Sales and Service

When a typical taxi ride from the airport to a hotel turns out to be everything but ordinary, Joel Weldon discovers an amazing man who redefines what it means to sell and serve. Buckle your seat belt and get ready for a fascinating journey, as Joel helps you relive the adventures of Willie, and the amazing difference that anyone can make, when they have passion for their work, and pride in everything they do.

Blending real life stories, inspiration, unique humor, and proven ideas, Joel Weldon reveals a higher standard for selling and serving in today’s competitive marketplace.

As one of the most highly respected speakers in North America for more than 30 years, Joel Weldon has been an “Idea Consultant” to many of the world’s leading organizations. He’s been inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame, and has received the highest honor in his profession, the Golden Gavel, for his profound impact on corporate America. Joel is passionate, enthusiastic, insightful, and humorous, as he shares important ideas that can really make a difference. Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Pay attention to the details that matter
  •  Enhance your presentation with “you” language
  •  Be the kind of person everybody wants to do business with
  •  Know your product, your customer, and your marketplace
  •  Develop the power of gratitude to make a huge difference
  •  And more…

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