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Secrets of Power Negotiating

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How to Gain the Upper Hand in Any Negotiation

Are you aware that almost everything is negotiable?

Life is an unending series of negotiations. Whether you’re looking for the best deal, a better salary, or just a fair compromise at the workplace or at home, every day you are faced with situations that draw on your ability to get other people to give you what they have. Imagine how much easier-and more rewarding-life would be if you entered every negotiation knowing how to get what you want without giving up anything yourself.

Master negotiator Roger Dawson’s “Principles of Power Negotiating” will teach you how to win any negotiation-whether personal or professional. Included in this comprehensive collection of inside secrets are priceless techniques for:

  • Mastering every stage of a negotiation, from opening gambits to closing the deal
  • Recognizing unethical techniques
  • Negotiating pressure points
  • Resolving tough negotiations

No matter what you want, you can negotiate for it and get it. No matter what your background, education, or current position, you can systematically and consistently build a dazzling stockpile of wealth that will be the envy of everyone you know.

Have you ever wondered why some of the world’s wealthiest people have agents? The answer is simple: The agents have learned how to negotiate their way to bigger salaries, better deals, and higher profits for their client.

And so can you.

Imagine having the ability to always get other people to offer you what you want without giving anything up yourself. Imagine the calm assurance you’ll display when you realize you have the upper hand anytime you’re eyeball to eyeball, kneecap to kneecap, toe to toe with another human being.

For example, do you want to always get the best possible deal with suppliers, contractors, salespeople, real estate agents, etc.? Do you want a higher salary? Do you want to learn how you can find discounts and deals on practically everything?

Negotiation is a skill that can bring you vast success in all aspects of your life. When you’re a skilled negotiator, you can get the best possible price on everything you purchase or sell, and you can deal with salespeople or clients.

We’re all negotiating all the time in all kinds of everyday situations: parents negotiating with their children; employees negotiating with each other, with subordinates, with bosses; customers negotiating with salespeople or service providers. And with The Secrets of Power Negotiating, you’ll always have the upper hand in every negotiating situation in which you find yourself.

For example, the program gives you specific ways to:

  • Get the best possible price when you buy or sell a house, a car, a business, real estate, or any negotiable item.
  • Get a raise or promotion.
  • Keep employees happy without giving in to unreasonable demands.
  • Get a new and better deal with your landlord or mortgage loan officer.
  • Stop being stonewalled by store clerks, petty bureaucrats, service and repair people, and others.
  • Get more cooperation from your corporate peers and subordinates.
  • Get bigger loans and better terms from your banker.
  • Uncover valuable “hidden information.”
  • Be more confident in virtually any interpersonal situation, plus many other situations you run into in your daily life.

After experiencing The Secrets of Power Negotiating, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the key elements that affect the outcome of negotiations.
  • Use the right information to increase your negotiating leverage dramatically.
  • Negotiate price reductions or extra perks on just about anything.
  • Understand why “no” is just an opening position.
  • Accurately predict responses to your negotiating maneuvers so you can counter them effectively.
  • Always gain the upper hand in every negotiating situation you encounter.
  • Use the number one negotiating pressure point to gain concessions from your opponent.

Never leave your fate in the hands of a superior negotiator again. Apply The Secrets of Power Negotiating to every aspect of your life

And in a special bonus CD, Dawson tells you how to get a better deal than you ever dreamed possible the next time you buy a car or negotiate a raise.

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