Sapphire Skies & Dancing Clouds – audio

Sapphire Skies & Dancing Clouds


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Intimate musical environments combined with alpha relaxation pulses

Peaceful grooves and intimate musical environments created by internationally renowned recording artist Mick Rossi, with embedded alpha brainwave pulses by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. These entrancing melodies and gentle rhythms create a truly unique journey into tranquil musical spaces.

Mick Rossi is an internationally renowned pianist, composer, percussionist, conductor, and arranger. For these unique recordings Mick collaborated with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a pioneering sound healing who has developed unique ways to embed alpha relaxation wave pulses into musical soundscapes.

Alpha waves are the brainwaves that people naturally produce in states of deep calm and inner peace. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves “lock” onto the pulses and transport easily you to states of peaceful relaxation.

CD 1: Sapphire Skies
Deeply transcendent soundscapes played on keyboards, percussion, mbira, harmonium, and bass clarinet combined with deep alpha waves. Be transported to a place where your mind is quiet, and your body lets go into states of deep, rejuvenating relaxation.

CD 2: Dancing Clouds
Keyboards, mbira, doumbek, shakers, harmonium, strings, and gongs combined with light alpha waves. These peaceful grooves will lead you to what is referred as “the zone,” where your body naturally relaxes and your mind rests in a place of centered calm, quiet focus, and sublime clarity.

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