Memory Power – audio

Memory Power - audio

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Proven Techniques for Remembering Facts, Names, and Numbers —Easily and Instantly

Do you have difficulty remembering simple facts, people’s names, or important details? Relax, now you can use these simple, yet effective, memory techniques to remember anything.

For more than a decade, Steve Moidel has been studying how the mind works. He’s been applying his research to help people make startling improvements in their memory skills.

Thousands of students and business professionals have benefited from Steve’s simple but highly effective memory techniques. He has developed methods that help people remember facts, figures, names, dates—practically anything—with ease. And his dynamic training approach makes learning these new techniques interesting and fun. Start listening today, and discover how quickly you, too, can build a fail-safe memory.

You’ll Learn:

  • How the brain remembers things
  •  How stress can limit memory and what to do about it
  •  The Psychology of Memory
  •  Why we forget
  •  How to focus and concentrate using the AAIRR formula
  •  Using the principle of association to boost memory power
  •  How to use organization systems to remember anything
  •  The phonetic alphabet, your most powerful pneumonic tool
  •  How to remember very long numbers
  •  Memorizing historical dates quickly and efficiently
  •  The substitute word system
  •  The alphabet system
  •  The room system
  •  And more…

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