Mega-Learning – audio

Mega-Learning - audio

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Customize Your Learning to Your Personal Learning Style

Are you aware that you have 12 different intelligences?  Not just one, but 12 different avenues that can accurately, effectively, and quickly distribute knowledge into your mind, enabling you to learn up to seven times faster than you do right now! By utilizing more of your mind’s power, you can learn any subject in a fraction of the usual time, complete a two-year curricula in only four months, master a year’s worth of music lessons in ten hours, or learn anything else at lightening speed.

Mega Learning is a unique program that will show you how to activate all 12 intelligences using a unique set of tools. For instance, you’ll discover the power of color to stimulate learning. The program includes a set of colored gels. By placing certain colors over reading material, you’ll absorb the information faster and far more thoroughly than you ever thought possible. You’ll also discover the mind-opening power of other innovative unconventional tools such as music, sound, and visual surroundings. These techniques are fascinating and fun, and you’ll be amazed at how powerfully they affect your ability to learn.

You’ll be able to:

  • Learn any subject or task in a fraction of the normal time
  • Increase test scores by as much as 60%
  • Absorb technical manuals, reports, and numerical data in less time and with less effort
  • Cut corporate training time in half while increasing retention by up to 80%
  • Maximize learning through the effective use of music and sound
  • Make learning immediately easier and improve memory using the secrets of color
  • Create ideal working and learning environments
  • Dramatically boost confidence and self-esteem
  • And much more!

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