MasterStream Method – DVD

MasterStream Method - DVD


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1 DVD video (125 min) - Nov 2004 Free Preview Clip    


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Sales & Management Tools to Dramatically Increase Productivity

This revolutionary sales skills program teaches audience members how to monitor and manage the critical ingredient that determines if, and what, their prospects will buy — and when they’ll take action.

This program is not a re-hash of the basics, but practical and innovative tools for more powerfully influencing others. You’ll learn the 5 phases of the sales process in a way you’ve never heard before, and understand how to lead the prospect along the MasterStream of tension. Once you learn this technique, you’ll probably never sell the old way again. Find out why so many people are calling MasterStream the ultimate sales tool.

The MasterStream Method is highly recommended for anyone selling a product or service with an inherent level of tension – Financial Services, Insurance, Alarm Systems, Real Estate, or any other product or service where the buyer feels a certain level of risk. Napier’s insights are innovative, logical, and right on target.

T Falcon Napier is the creator of MasterStream, a practical and innovative method for increasing sales and productivity. Since starting his career as a professional speaker, trainer and consultant in 1980, Mr. Napier has developed and presented over 2,000 customized programs for organizations coast-to-coast. His client list includes over 300 companies representing virtually every industry. Throughout his more than 10,000 hours of speaking and training experience, audiences have described Mr. Napier’s training style as direct, content-filled, witty, and thought provoking.

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the most critical ingredient there is in selling
  •  Learn the best way to ask for and secure referrals
  •  Thoroughly understand tension and productivity
  •  Apply scientific methods for influencing and persuading
  •  Quickly pinpoint your weak areas and remedy them
  •  And much more…

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