Goals Program – audio

Goals Program - audio

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Zig Ziglar explores why 97% of the people in this country do not have a goals program–and why they should. You’ll learn why fear, poor self-image, never being sold, and lack of know-how stand between most people and their goals and how to overcome these obstacles.

Zig sets the stage for successful goal-setting by teaching you the five questions to ask before you set a goal. He then gives you the concrete methodology to set any kind of goal . . . weight-loss, job promotion, getting a raise, better relationships . . . and succeed!

Once your goals are properly set, Zig teaches you how to reach them with his 11-step formula for reaching goals. You will be both inspired and equipped to reach your goals. He also explores creativity, what it is, the part knowledge plays, and how motivation can unleash it within you. You also examine life’s motivators–the things everybody wants. Zig discusses the importance of building your life on a solid foundation of principles.

In this energetic program, you’ll:

  • Find out why goal setters can earn an average of $4,000 a month more than non-goal setters
  • Learn the 7 steps to effective goal setting
  • See why motivation + information = Inspiration
  • Lay the foundation for your own greatness
  • Discover how you can build “want-to’s” from the “how-to’s” you’ll learn
  • Learn how to overcome adversity to live your dreams.

There is opportunity all around each of us. Zig helps you develop the elements of character and principle that enable you to succees. Many true stories are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of goals.

The Goals Program is Volume III of the How to Stay Motivated series.

Download the sessions one at a time

The Goals Program:

Session 1 – Your Goals Program  $9.87

Session 2 – The Specifics of Goal Setting  $9.87

Session 3 – Reaching Your Goals  $9.87

Session 4 – Motivation + Information = Inspiration  $9.87

Session 5 – Foundation for Greatness  $9.87

Session 6 – Overcoming Adversity  $9.87

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