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Fully Alive Fully Human - audio

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Ten Power Habits for Making Your Life a Masterpiece

In Fully Alive, Fully Human, Ed Foreman introduces you to his personal, proven formula for successful living: 10 “Power Habits” that will turn your life into a masterpiece of health, wealth, and happiness. These principles have been used by Ed and thousands of his students, with tremendous results. Apply them, and you’ll experience dramatic improvements in every area of your life.

If you think someone must have some sort of “secret” for success, you’re absolutely right!  Ed has followed a very specific course of action in his life.  A set of steps that he credits with leading him directly to each and every goal and desire he’s ever set for himself.

Once you’ve put Ed’s habit-improvement plan into action, you’ll start to expect the good, the positive, and the beautiful in life.  And like magic, you’ll start to get it!  Plus, you’ll look better, live healthier, and feel more alive and vibrant than you have in years.

The “Mentor to the Mentors,” Ed Foreman has positively influenced some of the greatest motivators of this generation, including Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, as well as influenced hundreds of corporate giants.  He has helped people around the world to substantially improve their quality of life and quality of happiness.  Just imagine what he can do for you!

In Fully Alive, Fully Human you’ll discover…

  • The starting point of all achievement
  • A 30-day menu for living, laughing, and loving your way to the good life
  • A simple program for creating vibrant health and a strong body, without boring diets and strenuous exercise
  • The 12 basic habit patterns of winners, and an easy way to make them your own
  • How to relax your body, relieve stress, and replenish energy by understanding and controlling the brainwave cycles of your conscious and subconscious mind
  • Effective ways to deal with and persuade “difficult” people
  • How to eliminate life-sapping habits and addictions
  • How to follow through and achieve the desires of your life, instead of settling for the necessities
  • And so much more!

Ed Foreman has lived an incredible life, and achieved things that few people dream of …

He grew up on a farm in New Mexico, and studied civil engineering at the University of New Mexico. As a young man, he invented a new method of drilling for oil which quickly made him a millionaire many times over. He started his own company, and was elected to serve in the U.S. Congress soon after.

Over the next several decades, Ed continued to reach new heights of achievement. He was elected to Congress a second time, making him the only man in the 20th century to be elected to the U.S. Congress from two different states. He was a presidential appointee in two national administrations, served as a close adviser to five presidents, and continued to develop financially successful business ventures in transportation, construction, and petroleum.

For more than 20 years, Ed’s been sharing those steps with people around the world —- through speeches, television programs, and live seminars.  Ed’s programs have been called “the finest life-enriching educational investment you’ll ever make.”

Some of the world’s most successful people travel hundreds of miles and pay nearly $1,500 every year to get a dose of Ed’s amazing energy and powerful message. Now, in an all-new, super-charged audio seminar, Ed brings this same information to you.

In this dynamic audio seminar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and maintain a wholesome, positive attitude
  • Control your responses to life’s challenging situations, instead of letting them control you.

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