Extraordinary Relationships – DVD

Extraordinary Relationships - DVD

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How to Create Authentic Interactions that Transform Your Organization and Your Life

Personal gain is often the driving force behind many business and personal relationships. Whether it’s trying to up sell a costumer, get a promotion or receive free tickets to a sporting event, a “what’s in it for me” attitude prevails in our society. There is another approach that can lead to deeper, more meaningful relationships at an organizational, as well as a personal level. It’s not about what you can get, but how you can advance others.

Discover how being genuinely interested in people and looking for ways to serve their needs, without expecting a return, is the best way to build the kind of relationships that will take your organization and your career to the next level.

In this unforgettable seminar, Tommy Spaulding shows how to forge valuable relationships that will enrich your life, enhance your organization’s bottom line and change the world for the better.

Tommy Spaulding is president of the Spaulding Companies LLC, a national leadership development, consulting and speaking organization. He was the youngest president and CEO of the world renowned leadership non-profit organization, Up with People. Tommy has lived on four continents, working as a global ambassador and traveling to more than 60 countries. In 2000, he founded Leader’s Challenge, the largest high school leadership program in Colorado. He has also co-founded The Center for Third Sector Excellence and has been the Business Partner Sales Manager at IBM/Lotus. His new book, It’s Not Just Who You Know, is published by Random House/Doubleday. Tommy is a sought-after speaker on leadership, customer service, employee and community engagement, and building lasting relationships.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll:

  • Learn how to build “fifth floor relationships”
  •  Serve at a higher level in all areas of your life
  •  Develop deeper, more authentic relationships
  •  Discover how to support and advance others
  •  Transform your organization and your life
  •  And more…

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