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How to Program Your Thinking For Success

Being exceptional means thinking against the way many of us were programmed to think. We learned early on that failure, stress and obstacles are bad things, but that is not true. Top performers use stress and failure to propel themselves to their next level, so they approach setbacks with a different mindset.

This program, based on research and psychological studies, will teach you how to be psychologically hardy and utilize more of your unlimited brain power. Dr. Eliot has spent numerous hours working with top performers, figuring out what makes them great, and he shares these important principles in this story-filled, thought-provoking session.

John Eliot, Ph.D., is a top speaker, author, and award-winning professor, specializing in business and psychology. He is on the faculty are Rice University, and an adjunct professor at SMU Cox School of Business Leadership Center and the University of Houston. For nearly a decade, Dr. Eliot has been a consultant and trainer for business executives, professional athletes, and corporations, helping them tweak their performance and productivity. His clients have included Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, The Mayo Clinic, Adidas, NASA, the United States Olympic Committee, The Texas Medical Center, Little League Baseball, and hundreds of elite individual performers.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn to:

  • Embrace failure to get to your next level
  •  Think only about things over which you have control
  •  Develop the art of performing through inspiration
  •  Better use the training and trusting mindsets
  •  Produce extraordinary thinking for exceptional results
  •  And much more…

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