Everest – Creating Greatness DVD

Everest - Creating Greatness DVD

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1 DVD video (34 min) - 2009 Free Preview Clip    


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Creating Greatness in Yourself and Others

The incredible true story of the unthinkable. One blind man’s courageous quest for the summit of the tallest peak in the world.

Leadership is a choice, not a position. Everyone on Erik Weihenmayer’s team stepped up when the need arose.

They shared leadership. Egos didn’t get in the way. Erik didn’t ask anyone to do what he was not willing to do himself. They had the competence and skill to get to the top of Everest, the world’s highest peak–each inspired trust.

Everyone “stepped up to the plate” when it was needed. People were able to lead because the vision was clear and compelling–they continually clarified purpose.

They held regular team meetings and communicated openly. They effectively utilized tools and technology to meet their challenges–they aligned their systems.

They built on each other’s strengths and made each other’s weaknesses irrelevant–they unleashed the talent they each had.

This inspiring video and accompanying tools provide you and your team with a whole new mindset about creating greatness.

You and your team have an “Everest” to climb. So, what is your “Everest”?

This complete package contains everything you need to make your business meeting successful and inspirational.

It includes:

  • Award-winning Everest video with Erik Weihenmayer
  • Ten-minute video meeting opener: Leadership in the 21st Century with Stephen R. Covey. Stephen Covey sets up Everest by explaining the 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders and teaching the importance of enabling greatness through adopting a new mindset: the Whole Person Paradigm.
  • Ten-minute tonesetters
  • Facilitator guide (pdf)
  • Participant guidebook (pdf)
  • Sixteen-slide PowerPoint® presentation

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