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8 Rules For Making Successful Business Decisions, Every Time

Business leaders have more creative ideas and are more positive about the future than ever before.  Innovation is driving exciting growth in many industries.  91% of business leaders report that their confidence in making good business decisions is equal to or better than any time in the past. Business confidence is up. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that only 18% of new businesses survive 10 years or more.  90% of new products fail, and over 50% of business decisions turn out to be bad ones. In fact, in the next hour, 46 businesses will fail and 3 will file for bankruptcy.  The innovation explosion is stifled by the business implosion.

Clearly, there is a gap between business confidence and performance.  Creativity is heating  up, and business keeps melting down.  The problem is our business thinking and decisions.  Now, in Business Think, business experts Dave Marcum, Steve Smith, and Mahan Khalsa attempt to bridge the gap between innovative hopes and business realities. Proper business thinking is crucial common denominator for every successful business because business plans and goals are only as good as our thinking. Unfortunately, most business professionals rarely step back to analyze how they arrive at their decisions. This audio program can significantly improve your results by delivering hardcore guidelines to improve your business thinking and allow you to make better decisions.

Business Think provides 8 solid rules that should govern the thinking behind every business decision made. These rules will help you to:

  • Make winning decisions, every time
  • Differentiate between good ideas and poor ones
  • Determine which priorities are most important for your business
  • Avoid flat-line thinking that impedes progress
  • Rub out the red-tape police
  • Turn creative ideas into big-time success
  • Encourage collaborative thinking
  • Keep your company fresh and growing
  • Close the gap between business expectations and results

Too many businesses leaders are in denial about the quality of their decisions. If you are stuck in old patterns that produce mediocre results, step into the light of disciplined business thinking and discover the rules that will help you get it right time and time again.

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