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Brainwave Suite

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Orchestrate Your State of Mind

Brainwave Suite uses inaudible pulses of sound to trigger your brain to produce the state you want to experience.  This program includes 45 minutes of audio for each state. Just select the state that you want to experience:

  • ALPHA waves combined with classical guitar, bamboo flutes, and sounds of birds and gentle breezes free your mind to experience states of relaxation and meditation.
  • THETA waves floating amid orchestral strings, deep resonant bells, and the patter of raindrops promote vivid mental imagery, emotional insight, and expansive creativity.
  • DELTA waves embedded within soothing ocean sounds and tones of Tibetan bowls relax you and lead you to restful sleep.
  • Combined ALPHA/THETA waves with sounds of the flowing streams, rainfall, and distant thunder lead you to the state of clarity, awareness and mental sharpness. Includes one hour of audio for each state.

Sound-healing pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has developed unique techniques for embedding brainwave audio processes into lush, multi-layered, ambient musical soundtracks. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves naturally “lock” onto these audio pulses, to lead you easily to the state of mind you want to experience.

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