5 Forces of Wellness – audio

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Aging Doesn’t Have To Be Accompanied by Poor Health!

We all want to enjoy vibrant health all the days of life. When you apply the strategies you’ll learn in the Five Forces of Wellness, this desire moves beyond wishing and becomes reality! This revolutionary, science-based program from bestselling author Mark Hyman, M.D. reveals that it is possible to become biologically younger while you grow chronologically older.

In this audio program, you’ll learn:

  • What is best for your body.
  • How to prevent disease from ravaging your body, using the medically proven “remove, repair, and recharge” system.
  • Which foods make you thrive and which make you sick.
  • How you can decrease the activity of the genes that will create illness and increase the activity of the genes that will create wellness.
  • Why you should NEVER go on a diet and how to lose weight without going on a diet.
  • What kinds of vitamins you need and how much.
  • Whether your body does better with vigorous exercise or more gentle exercise.
  • How to identify and rid yourself of toxins that make you sick.

This program presents the new science of staying healthy – otherwise known as ultraprevention. This powerful medicine of the future shatters the myths of today’s “fix-the-broken-parts” medicine. Instead of masking symptoms, it’s a proven plan for identifying and eliminating the forces that cause more than 90 percent of today’s most common and devastating diseases. It’s a patient-centered plan that shows you how to create a lifetime of good health.

The Five Forces of Wellness will work for absolutely everyone—old, young, healthy, sick, or anywhere in between.


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