4 Imperatives of Great Leaders – audio

4 Imperatives of Great Leaders - audio

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You Can Inspire Leadership, Vision, and Team Work

Are you a leader or just a manager?

Is your team working for a vision or a paycheck?

Do your team members sometimes lack motivation or fail to give their best effort?

When was the last time you felt that you could leave the office and people would continue to work at the same level?

Do you want greater influence with those around you, whether at work, in the community, in politics, or at home?

If you are in a position of leadership, whether you are managing a fast-food restaurant, president of the PTA, or steering a major corporation, your leadership skills can make the difference between an inspired, productive team and one that barely manages mediocre performance. One survey revealed that 48% of employees would like to fire their boss and 29% would like to have their boss assessed by a psychologist!

How do your leadership skills rate? … Would your employees like to fire you?

Most organizations suffer from the Four Chronic Organizational and Team Problems.

  • No clear purpose
  • Underutilized talent and potential
  • Bureaucratic, misaligned systems
  • Low trust

Do any of these sound familiar in your organization?

When these problems exist, leaders and team members alike feel frustration and lack of motivation.  Great leaders, on the other hand, naturally unleash the highest and best contributions of their team toward their organization’s most critical strategic priorities. Great leaders not only see the world differently, they do things differently.

Is leadership a natural-born talent, or can it be learned?

Stephen R. Covey was named as one of Time magazine’s twenty-five most influential Americans. He dedicated his life to demonstrating that everyone can learn the skills necessary to living an extraordinary life. His best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has helped millions to improve the way the live, work and interact with people.

Now, Dr. Covey applies the same revolutionary thinking to help you obtain a new leadership mind-set, skill-set, and tool-set that can literally change the way you lead, provide vision, and inspire teamwork. These skills represent the critical, essential functions of a great leader, they are…

The 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders

What are these 4 Imperatives? A great leader must be able to:

  • Inspire trust among direct reporters, superiors, and peers
  • Clarify purpose by articulating why goals are established and how individual work contributes to these goals
  • Align systems and work processes so they facilitate rather than hinder achievement.
  • Unleash the unique talent and contribution of people on their team

Stephen R. Covey has created a unique training program to help you develop these skills.

Eliminate the “Old School” Approach to Leadership

Most leaders and managers suffer from an “old school” mind-set about leadership. See if any of these happen in your company…

  • I get things done because I’m the boss.
  • As long as people have a clear job description, they’ll be fine.
  • Everything is so dependent on me.
  • I need to consistently motivate and manage my people to get results.

Sound familiar? The problem is these thought patterns sabotage your efforts to become a great leader. They create a worn out leader and an under-utilized team. They lead to frustration, unhealthy competition, and mediocre performance.

Stephen R. Covey teaches you to implement a different mind-set that will transform your team.

Old school thought patterns are replaced with a new leadership paradigm that produces great leaders, great teams, and great results.

Great Leaders have a new mind-set:

  • I get things done through personal influence and credibility. My authority comes from trust rather than position.
  • If a clear and compelling purpose exists, people will volunteer their best efforts.
  • Enduring success in the systems. It is not dependent upon me.
  • My job is to release the talent and passion of our team toward our highest priorities.

You might be thinking, “This all sounds great in theory, but how do I change my mind-set?”

Dr. Covey provides you with specific, easy-to-implement strategies—skills and tools—that naturally result in these attitude shifts. As you use the tools in this program, you’ll see team members begin to step up, morale improve, and productivity soar.

For example, in this ground-breaking program, you’ll add the following leadership tools to your skill-set…

17 Leadership Tools

  • Personal Development Challenge
  • Trust Action Plan
  • “Job to be Done” Analyzer
  • “Strategic Link” Analyzer
  • “Money Making Model” Analyzer
  • Team Purpose Statement
  • Shared-Vision Builder
  • WIG Builder
  • Lead-Measure Builder
  • Scoreboard Builder
  • Team Talent Checkup
  • Best-Practice Finder
  • Process-Improvement Planner
  • NPS System Builder
  • “Voice” Conversation Planner
  • Win-Win Performance Agreement
  • “Performance” Conversation Planner
  • “Clear the Path” Conversation Planner

These tools combine to foster an environment of positive energy, trust, and productivity.

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