The Power of Concentration

by Bill Mansell on August 25, 2008 | One Minute Motivators

One of the great skills of successful people is their ability to concentrate. Jesus said, “No man can serve two masters.” He was right. To be a great achiever in any endeavor, one must be absorbed by it, and devoted to it. He does best who eats, drinks, sleeps and lives his goal until it gets into his mind, heart and blood stream. Then it will overflow into his eyes, face, handshake, actions — and wallet.

Rays of sunshine gently warm the earth. But concentrated through a magnifying glass, they can start a forest fire. Rain, spread over an entire city has little effect, but concentrate the rain in one place, and you have a powerful torrent, able to move anything in its path. Likewise, a person who becomes distracted by sidelines, errands, and trivial pursuits is of little effect compared to the one who learns to focus his efforts and actions.

“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways,” wrote the poet. When a person “sees double,” he gets into trouble, like the prize fighter who, after a bad licking, said, “Where I made my mistake was that I didn’t knock him out in the first round when he was alone.”

Success Tip: Supercharge your success with the power of a single purpose. Don’t let distractions rob you of your concentration.

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