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by Bill Mansell on August 23, 2011 | One Minute Motivators

My children went back to school yesterday. I learned something profound from them over the summer. Here it is:

The more time you have to do something, the longer it takes.

It’s true. Yesterday, on the first day of school, my children got more done than any single day of summer. Not just school work, mind you. They also got in more play time and were overall much more productive. Why? Their time was so limited they had to be organized. They had to plan and schedule their activities. So, naturally, they got more done. I’ve seen this happen in my own life, too. The tighter the deadline, the more efficient I become. I’ve learned that I only get done what I plan to do.

But what about my perennial excuse that “I didn’t have enough time!?” In most cases, it just doesn’t hold water. This reminds me of a poem that I read many years ago. I don’t know who the author is, but the message is just as true today as it was then. Here it is:

                         A Busy Man
          If you would get a favor done
               By some obliging friend,
          And want a promise safe and sure,
                On which you can depend,
          Don’t go to him who always has
               Much leisure time to plan,
          But if you want your favor done,
                Just ask a busy man.
          The man with leisure never has
               A moment he can spare.
          He’s always “putting off” until
                His friends are in despair.
          But he who every working hour
               Is crowded full of work
          Forgets the art of wasting time;
                He cannot stop to shirk.
          So, when you want a favor done,
                And want it right away.
          Go to the man who constantly
                Works thirty hours a day.
           He’ll find a moment sure, somewhere
                That has no other use,
           And help you, while the idle man
              Is framing an excuse.

Success Tip: Don’t just hope you’ll have time to get something done. Plan it, schedule it, then do it. That is a recipe for success.

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Paul A. August 23, 2011

It’s true! The more organized I get, the more I get done.


Look for perfection in your own work August 23, 2011

Look for perfection in your own work


JERRY August 18, 2011

It’s true, but it depends upon the person’s attitude. I know a guy who is good in areas of the job but his attitude towards time management sucks and he doesn’t bother to improve or change it. It’s been years and to make it worse, he creates excuses every time! I really feel sorry for him. On the other hand, a second guy I know has the right attitude. Therefore he has a much better image among the team members and is more reliable most of the time when you ask for a favor.


Alison July 23, 2011



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