Dr. Laura Schlessinger Biography

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

“Go do the right thing!”
–Dr. Laura

Best known for her popular syndicated radio show, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has been America’s conscience for over 30 years, answering questions and giving strong advice on moral and ethical questions. Dr Laura is best known for her strong stance on right and wrong in society, especially with relationships and families. She has a knack of looking past the emotional details which bog down many callers and gets right to the heart of the situation or issue.

Dr Laura is a strong advocate for children, marriages, and families, An overriding theme in her many books and audio programs is advice that helps men and women take control of their lives, develop respect, and value the feelings of those whom they live with and love. Dr Laura gives real examples and real-life solutions to relationships. She emphasizes the powerful, positive impact women can have on their families and marriages.

Dr. Laura is the author of eight New York Times best sellers as well as four children’s books, including: 10 Stupid Things Women, Men, & Couples Do To Mess Up Their Lives, The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands, and Woman Power. Her most recent publication, Bad Childhood Good Life helps people put their past behind them, so they can move on and progress in their current and future lives.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger was born in Brooklyn, NY and married Dr. Lewis G. Bishop. They are the proud parents of their son, Deryk. She received her Ph.D. in physiology from Columbia University and holds a postdoctoral certification and licensing in Marriage and Family Therapy. Over the years Dr Laura has received many awards; most recently She received the Woman of the Year (2006) award from the state of California. She is an avid sailor, bicyclist, and has the distinction of achieving the rank of Black Belt in martial arts. She lives with her husband in California.

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