Training Pays Off!

by Grant Cardone on December 2, 2011 | Articles

You think training doesn’t pay off, well when you have two 140 pound Great Danes around a six month old, you had better train them.  The same goes for your organization in the upcoming years. The economy will continue to be difficult and will require that you train your management and sales staff more than ever before. Now is the time to put strong controls on your people and make training part of your culture.  Your financial safety and your people’s futures will be determined by how effectively you train them.

If you don’t want your company’s future (forgive the pun), ‘to go to the dogs’ then make a commitment to training daily and be specific to those areas that drive revenue. Sales training, sales processes, sales follow up, sales attitudes, and sales management must be made a priority in the upcoming year.  You could get away with not doing this years ago, but executives that don’t demand that training particularly sales training is a priority will be punished.

Training Tips

1) Be Consistent

2) Make training part of the culture.

3) Train at the same time(s) each day.

4) Utilize cost effective technology for training

.5) Each time there is an error return to training to rehabilitate.

6) Make sure the training provides solutions for revenue creation.

7) Never blame your people, train them!

8) Focus your training on existing staff first and new employees later.

Lastly, your people are not the problem, the economy is not the problem, the problem is your people are not effectively trained to succeed in a tight economy.  People like dogs, must have consistency. People like dogs need to know who is in control. People want to know they know how to do their job and are able to succeed at their job. Your business like my little girl in the photos here will only be safe in the future years to the degree that your people are trained to succeed at their jobs in this economy.

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